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The Snowflake's Dance

Have you ever watched
a snowflake dance
do you imagine a 
singular predestined path

carried upon 
by the whims 
of the breeze 
it's gentle landing -
divinely decreed

Have you ever watched
a snowflake dance
wondered if its destiny 
is mere happenstance

a terrestrial haven found
through casual serendipity -
unbound of the laws of
statistical probability

If you've truly every watched 
a snowflake dance
across our heavens' 
great expanse
with great joy you
would observe the 
mystery and miracles of
our vast universe 

gentle dancing to the music
of a silent song
each moment a choice
finding a home
to belong ...
upon the branches of
a brilliant evergreen
or upon the hand of
a child as she partakes
in joyful revelry

open your heart
reach out your hand
the magic of the snowflake
invites you to dance


The Unknowngnome said...

A lilting dance of words predestined to be read. This is more than quiet poetry!

KRAD said...

Ms. Bernadine,

I love it.... You made me drift along with you.... I rarely like pouty, but I really like this !!


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